Looking Back at Elwood High School Days captures life's important moments!

   60 YEAR REUNION:   Sunday, November 26, 2017.

Times to be advised when available.

Early Days

Share your days at Elwood High School with us!

It is a school that was part of your life. Maybe it was good, maybe it was bad or maybe you just floated through school life because you had to be there.

Write a word picture! Tell us about your experiences. Did it mold you or were glad to leave? Was it fun or otherwise? We want to collect oral histories of this relatively new school which opened its doors in 1957.

Tell us your story before you forget and the story disappears forever. What to you was an insignificant event of your school days is a valuable contribution to the oral history of your old school!


Email us your story on elwoodhighschool@hotmail.com.au NOW or use the 'Contact Us' page on this website.


Material on this site is published in good faith. Some editing is done by the System Administrator, but the content is, in essence, as submitted. All corrections and comments will be considered. If need be entries will be edited or removed based on feedback received.  


'Looking Back at Elwood Hill School Days' is pure nostalgia. A record of what you recall from the days when you were a student at Elwood School in  Glen Huntly Rd., Elwood, Victoria, Australia.c

The school website posts only at brief biographies of past pupils, who are high achievers. 

This website is for all. Contributions from all are welcome.

I have given permission for the school to use some of the contributions on this site for their Reunion in November. I have asked that any contribution used is quoted in its entirety, no cherry picking or out of context quotations. I have also requested that the user provides a URL to this site, where the contribution was first published.

I thank all for their contributions and look forward to lots more in the near future.


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